Environmental Efficiency in Teampac’s Everyday Operations

Teampac has the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which shows our commitment to improving environmental efficiency. 

The certificate encourages active management of environmental impacts by committing to pollution prevention, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement of operations.


What kind of actions do we do? 

1. Carbon neutral production:

Our premises have been heated with geothermal energy instead of oil since 2021 when we installed 25 geothermal heat wells. In May 2023 we continued our journey towards carbon-neutral production by installing 312 solar panels. Now 20 % of our annual consumption is covered by solar energy.  

2. Productivity and wastage:

We create a minimal amount of waste and none goes to landfill. We have targets to improve our production efficiency and efficient use of resources (materials, energy and water). We are also reaching to reduce our production waste so we follow and report those levels annually. Our efficient quality assurance process stops the production immediately if a product defect is detected, which ensures that no waste is created in our production.

 3. Offering sustainable product concepts:

We are starting to calculate the carbon footprint of product concepts. We will guide our customers to use sustainable raw and packaging materials whenever possible, use as less chemicals as possible and urge our suppliers to offer us sustainable solutions, e.g., packaging/wipe materials that are recyclable (mono-PP laminates, paper laminates), recycled (rPet) or made from renewable materials (carboard tubes, viscose wipes). None of our products contain microplastics.

4. Suppliers:

We are sourcing packaging materials and chemicals from Finland and Europe whenever possible to minimize emissions caused by transportation. We do have some selected sustainability requirements during supplier validation process. Supplier scorecard will ensure performance also what comes to sustainability. Teampac is also expecting suppliers to suggest and develop more and more sustainable solutions.