Quality Guarantee

Customer and quality are our number one priorities.

The quality of our work comes from the contribution of each of our employees. Quality must therefore take part in everything from planning to production and from machines to the knowledge of the people.

We utilize various tools to ensure the quality of our products and operations 

ISO 9001 standard is used for analyzing our own processes in working methods, decision-making models, division of responsibilities and customer needs, and to achieve the set goals. 

The quality management, effectiveness and safety of our medical device products, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements, are ensured with the ISO 13485 quality system standard. 

In addition to these, we are following the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system.

Continuous development is one of our core values. We want to make sure that the quality of our products and operations will remain at the highest level also in the future. That is why we are constantly challenging our operations and setting new goals to make a better future for all of us.

For more information: Pekka Kanamäki, HSEQ Manager, pekka.kanamaki@teampac.fi


  • Our quality-driven production complies with ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 standards.
  • Products can also be manufactured and certified after the requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel, A&A and Cosmos certifications.
  • Nearly 100 % on-time delivery.
  • We manufacture products meeting biocidal products and Medical Device (MDR) regulations and support you with product documentation requirements.