Revealing the Wonders of the Finnish Forest

The Unique Extract to Stimulate the Immune System and Restore Its Natural Balance

City-oriented and busy lifestyles have dramatically decreased our contact with forests, nature, and agricultural environments. Exposure to environmental micro-organisms brings diversity to the skin and gut and helps our immune system suppress signaling that leads to inflammation.

Re-Connecting Nature® is a microbial extract developed by the Finnish company Uute Scientific, that guarantees rich microbial exposure, especially for those who are not in daily contact with nature.

The world’s first ingredient with the microbiome-restoring properties of Finnish nature is scientifically proven to stimulate the immune system and restore its natural balance. Re-Connecting Nature® is designed as an ingredient for example for cosmetic or skin care products.

The Extract Included in the Award-Winning Natural Cosmetics Series

Re-Connecting Nature® extract promotes skin integrity for enhanced barrier function, faster regeneration, and repair. It is scientifically proven to reduce skin redness and irritation and increase levels of age-defying collagen.

The award-winning* Finnish natural cosmetics line NOBE (Nordic Beauty Inc) has already used Re-Connecting Nature® in their products manufactured by Teampac:

  • Forest Drops™ Microbiome Booster
  • Forest Elixir™ Microbiome Enriching Gel Moisturizer
  • Forest Elixir™ Microbiome Strengthening Body Lotion

 We are so delighted that Teampac can provide such an innovative ingredient to our clients and their products! says Jyri Temonen, CEO of Teampac  

We can either add the extract to an existing product or develop an entirely new product together. As a contract manufacturer, we are here for you at every stage of the product development and production process.

Re-Connecting Nature® has the following certificates:

* NOBE has been awarded in:

  • European Natural Beauty Awards
  • Nordic Natural Beauty Awards
  • Pure Beauty Awards London
  • Green Beauty Awards Winners
  • Anna
  • MeNaiset

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