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New Sustainable Sachet Laminate for Sample Distribution

Sachets are a great way to attract new customers by providing them an opportunity to try your product. This can help to build potential customers’ trust in your brand when they see your product really fulfills its promises. It’s much easier to end up choosing your product from the shelf after receiving a chance to try it first.

From Teampac you’ll get sachets for cosmetic samples such as creams and gels but also for single-packed products like hand sanitizing wipes.

Requirements for Sachet Laminate

A laminate certainly needs to protect the content of the sachet. Depending on the content, it must provide a barrier for moisture, grease, and/or oxygen. There must be at least two layers adhered together. The external layer is printed and enables sealing, and the internal layer has seal integrity and barrier. For users, the laminate must be easy to open.

Eco-friendly Fibrecote

We at Teampac are continuously looking for new more sustainable materials. Now we also have a new eco-friendly option for sample distribution called Fibrecote, where more than 50 % is paper. This material is specially designed for recycling.


  • Fiber-based flexible packaging material designed for recycling*
  • Multilayered fibrecote is composed of natural kraft paper with a polyolefin-based coating providing seal ability.
  • Providing good moisture and grease barrier
  • Easy to open and close, no special tear notch required
  • Paper content > 50 %
  • Not suitable for magazine distribution

*Dependent on local collection schemes and recyclability protocols. For example, in Finland and Sweden you can put it in the carton packaging collection.

Sachet materials


  • Normal laminate
  • Suitable for magazine distribution

fibrecote laminate

  • Fiber-based flexible packaging material designed for recycling
  • Paper content > 50 %
  • Not suitable for magazine distribution

Sachet sizes

65 x 80 mm

  • 1–4 ml 
  • (max 2 ml, if used in magazines)

65 x 120 mm

  • 1–10 ml 
  • (max 5 ml, if used in magazines)