Teampac Is a Part of Apodan’s Successful Recipe

Apodan is a purpose-driven Danish company that develops and sells medical devices to professionals and patients in the Danish and international health sector

The company is built around the idea of making a difference by improving its customers’ health and quality of life. In order to do this, the whole chain from suppliers to distributors and sellers must be in sync with Apodan’s values. One of the main building blocks is a lengthy partnership with Teampac.

Apodan is based on the firm belief that its most important resource is the group of people working in or with the company. Being a family-owned company, the focus is on open communication and respect for each other’s work. That’s why the lengthy collaboration with Teampac was a natural fit from the beginning.

– We develop and sell medical devices, as well as advanced homecare and hygiene products. In 1998, we started working with an US based company that had a unique product in the patient care universe we operate in. At a certain point, we needed a European manufacturer and that’s when we found Teampac. They were one of the few ones available, who could provide a clean room environment and whose production was strictly controlled, says Morten Lodberg Petersen, Apodan’s CEO.

A perfect combination for product innovation

Over the years, Teampac has become Apodan’s strategic partner, who can support them every step of the way. It now manufactures wipes intended for patient bathing, disinfection and cleaning for Apodan. According to Petersen, both companies place high value on open communication and an ongoing, mutual dialogue.

– We are an innovative company and with Teampac, it’s a perfect combination of our ideas and needs of the marketplace and their knowledge and professionalism in how to convert those ideas into a ready-to-use product. With Teampac, we can also develop new ideas based on smaller quantities, which means significant cost savings for us.

A valuable partnership for efficient, well-performing medical devices

Local healthcare regulations and quality standards set the guidelines on how Apodan’s products must perform. The company was re-certified in February according to the DS/EN ISO 13485:2016 standard. Advanced studies and specific R&D needs to take place before production. Teampac follows the industry standards strictly. The quality management system is certified with the same ISO standard as Apodan for product development, contract manufacturing and sales of medical device products. The latest audit was conducted in June 2018 with no deviations.

– They use their vast knowledge, give advice on how to do things more efficiently and keep a keen eye on the quality-controlled production. Healthcare regulations have been tightened a lot since the beginning of our partnership and it’s far more expensive now to launch new medical devices. That’s why Teampac’s knowledge is so valuable to us. They source components for us that can live up to market demands, find applicable materials, packaging and have the experience they use for our benefit. They know what the borderlines are – and what works. It’s also very easy to work with Finnish people. A handshake truly means something