Customers Get Exactly What They Want, When They Want It

Reliability and quality continue to be at the heart of over 50-year-old Teampac

Providing customers the best possible service has always been the main motivating force for Teampac’s majority owner Perttu Valaja.

When Perttu Valaja became the majority owner of Teampac 15 years ago, his vision was to lead a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Teampac’s customer and internal relationships are based on trust and openness, which has made the company top tier in its field.

– It all starts from the passion to serve the customer. We see each customer relationship as a long-term partnership to be nurtured and always strive to optimise the way we cooperate. It means we can challenge established roles, and get products onto the shop or pharmacy shelf as cost-effectively as possible.

This is especially important in an industry where rolling products out into the market is a long and costly process. The regulation of medical devices is becoming stricter, which in turn increases the requirements for quality control and documentation.

– This is something we’ve invested a lot in during recent years. There are hardly any contract manufacturers for small and mid-sized medical device product lines that can, in addition to production, also offer expertise.


Security of supply and reliability as guidelines

The manufacturing of medical devices is on the rise in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. In addition to quality and documentation, the products are also a technical challenge. For Teampac, the contract manufacturing of medical devices has been a natural continuum to other operations.

– We’ve always been determined to produce quality as flawlessly as possible. It’s important to us that clients get what they want when they want it. Customers tend to give us positive feedback on the exact things required for the contract manufacturing of medical devices.

In the coming years, we are investing heavily in the company’s growth and above all customer needs. Teampac’s dedication to excellent service is also reflected in our internal culture. We value fairness and openness, and encourage employees’ personal development. In true Finnish manner, actions speak louder than words:

– It’s easy to say things, but proving our worth in practice is what counts. We’re happy to show that we really walk the talk.