How Finnish Nature Keeps on Giving

Natural Materials for Hygiene and Cosmetics Products

Finland is the third most sparsely populated country in Europe. The woodland covers 75 % of the land area and Finland’s 180,000 lakes – one for every 26 Finns – make 10 % of the total area.

It’s easy to connect with nature when you’re surrounded by trees and water all the time. There’s a lot to look at, but it’s not just stunning landscapes that make Finnish nature unique. Our rich ecosystem offers natural alternatives to raw materials used in hygiene and cosmetics products. And, the best part is, they are free to collect.

Rich and Raw – Natural Materials from Finland

The Finnish environment provides excellent ingredients for nature-based products. Here are a few examples.

”The land of the thousand lakes” has one of the purest and cleanest water resources. You can drink tap water, and it’s also an ideal ingredient for natural skincare and hygiene products.

Wild berries such as blueberry, lingonberry, and cloudberry are essential to Finnish culture and cuisine. They carry vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber. Besides being a superfood, berries make a superb ingredient for cosmetics products.

Chaga is a super mushroom filled with antioxidants and betulinic acid. It’s used in skin care products and can help restore and regenerate skin cells.

Spruce resin has a long history in wound treatment. It contains various antioxidants, flavonoids, and hundreds of other ingredients.

R&D Manager Mari Korsu says Teampac has a long history with natural materials.

– We use birch sap, berry oils, spruce tip extract, Albatrellus Confluens (mushroom) extract, and Hierocloe Hirta (sweet grass) extract in our cosmetics products, to name a few.

The examples above are well-known, but what about other, lesser-known nature-based innovations?

– At Teampac, we’re always looking for innovations and ways to become more sustainable. When it comes to nature-based products and materials, there’s still a lot to explore, Mari continues.

A recent example is Re-Connecting Nature® developed by the Finnish company Uute Scientific. It’s a microbial extract made from plant-based composts and plant material, re-creating the same rich microbial diversity found in pure Finnish nature. Read more about Re-Connecting Nature® here.

Teampac has manufactured products using Re-Connecting Nature® for the Finnish natural cosmetics line NOBE (Nordic Beauty Inc).

Teampac – A Sustainable Approach to Healthcare, Hygiene and Cosmetics Products

Teampac is a contract manufacturer of liquid-based products for the healthcare, hygiene, and cosmetics industries. We are committed to being a sustainable and reliable partner.

We prioritize sustainable practices throughout our production process, from sourcing raw materials responsibly to utilizing renewable energy sources. We also ensure an effective use of all resources: materials, energy, and water. This way we produce only a minimal amount of waste – and none of it ends up in a landfill.

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