Jump Into Ice-Cold Water and Feel Alive!

Jump Into Ice-Cold Water and Feel Alive!

More than 720.000 Finns enjoy winter swimming regularly. That’s quite a lot when the population is 5,5 million.

Why on earth would someone swim in freezing water?

Swimming in the icy water releases endorphins. It boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation. Ice swimming can reduce stress and help to breathe and sleep better. Doing it regularly gives a better resistance to cold weather. 

Teampac’s Account Manager Anna Lill-Smeds has gotten enthusiastic about ice bathing.

– I love to go to ice swimming and sauna because they reset my stress. Nothing beats that moment when the blood flows in the body after the cold bath.

Everyone who has tried ice swimming knows the euphoric feeling after rising from the water. The freezing water gives a positive shock to the body. It will instantly give an energy boost which makes feeling focused and full of life.

– A sauna is one of the only places where people do not take their phones with them. Relaxation at its best, Anna continues.

Ice swimming

Do you dare to?

When it’s minus degrees and snowing it’s probably against the instinct to dip in freezing water. Instead, the first thought might be to warm up in a sauna or under a blanket. Starting to swim among the ice can be challenging, as it often is with new things, but if you dare to do it, you should be proud of yourself! 


What do Teampac and ice swimming have in common? 

Ice swimming needs courage, determination and perseverance. These are well-known features for us at Teampac from our more than 50-year history. We invest boldly and decisively in growth and development and at the same time persistently stick to the quality of our products and operations.

We value nature and the raw materials it provides and respect it in our operations. You may have already heard about Re-Connecting Nature®, the world’s first ingredient with the microbiome-restoring properties of Finnish nature. The extract developed by Uute Scientific is designed as an ingredient for example for cosmetic or skincare products. We are so proud that we can provide such an innovative ingredient to our clients and their products. Read more about Re-Connecting Nature® here.

But at the same time, while investing and developing, we keep in mind the most important thing in ice swimming: breathing. What is the most meaningful thing for us? It is to support our customers and their business needs as best as we can. And when we succeed in that, we get the same kind of endorphins as one gets from ice swimming.