Jump Into Ice-Cold Water and Feel Alive!

Winter swimming

Jump Into Ice-Cold Water and Feel Alive! More than 720.000 Finns enjoy winter swimming regularly. That’s quite a lot when the population is 5,5 million. Why on earth would someone swim in freezing water? Swimming in the icy water releases endorphins. It boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation. Ice swimming can reduce stress […]


Picture, new eco sachets and cosmetic packages.

New Sustainable Sachet Laminate for Sample Distribution Sachets are a great way to attract new customers by providing them an opportunity to try your product. This can help to build potential customers’ trust in your brand when they see your product really fulfills its promises. It’s much easier to end up choosing your product from […]

Revealing the Wonders of the Finnish Forest

Forest and Re-Connecting Nature logo.

The Unique Extract to Stimulate the Immune System and Restore Its Natural Balance City-oriented and busy lifestyles have dramatically decreased our contact with forests, nature, and agricultural environments. Exposure to environmental micro-organisms brings diversity to the skin and gut and helps our immune system suppress signaling that leads to inflammation. Re-Connecting Nature® is a microbial […]

Contract Manufacturing of Wet Wipes

Picture, wet wipe production. Teampac manufactures consumer hygiene products for everyday use, such as wet wipes and disinfectants.

Wet wipes for healthcare, hygiene and cosmetic sectors Teampac manufactures a wide range of wet wipes for cleaning and disinfecting skin and surfaces. We provide wet wipes for the needs of healthcare, cosmetic and hygiene sectors. Wet wipes are available both individually packed (single sachets) and in multipacks (flowpacks). For healthcare needs we produce surface, patient […]

Environmental Efficiency in Teampac’s Everyday Operations

Teampac has the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, which shows our commitment to improving environmental efficiency.  The certificate encourages active management of environmental impacts by committing to pollution prevention, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement of operations.   What kind of actions do we do?  1. Carbon neutral production: Our premises have been heated with geothermal energy […]

Process Quality in Manufacturing of Medical Devices

Liquid-based medical devices are closely linked to patient hygiene, whether it’s about skin, instrument or surface disinfection. This means that reliable risk management is vital throughout the production process, which in turn sets the bar high for contract manufacturing. A controlled and certified, expertise-driven production adds the most value to the contract giver. Liquid-based medical […]

Customers Get Exactly What They Want, When They Want It

Reliability and quality continue to be at the heart of over 50-year-old Teampac Providing customers the best possible service has always been the main motivating force for Teampac’s majority owner Perttu Valaja. When Perttu Valaja became the majority owner of Teampac 15 years ago, his vision was to lead a team that’s greater than the […]

Skin and Surface Disinfectants

Hand hygiene plays a crucial role in controlling the spread of infections Products for disinfecting skin and surfaces, such as hand disinfectants and disinfection wipes, are a core part of Teampac’s expertise. The majority of our products are contract manufactured for customers and are branded accordingly. End users include hospital staff as well as ordinary […]

Teampac in Kauppalehti’s list of Achievers

Picture, Kauppalehti Achievers.

We are proud to tell that Teampac is included in Kauppalehti’s list of Achievers! The Achiever certificate indicates that the company is acknowledged as a better partner. Teampac belongs to about 8 percent of Finnish joint-stock companies, which a financial analyst has found to perform better than others. Financial success is built on several different […]

Teampac Is a Part of Apodan’s Successful Recipe

Apodan is a purpose-driven Danish company that develops and sells medical devices to professionals and patients in the Danish and international health sector The company is built around the idea of making a difference by improving its customers’ health and quality of life. In order to do this, the whole chain from suppliers to distributors […]